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Local summer jobs

Photo of Youth Opportunities Unlimited signage
Image Credit: Aisha Javaid

It’s finally here! You’re almost graduating or finishing a semester in school, and now it’s time to plan for the summer. Most importantly, it’s time to find summer employment in the city. Fanshawe’s Co-operative Education Consultant, Stephanie Hernandez said that certain industries within hospitality, recreation and retail will have multiple openings.

“We are seeing employment across a variety of sectors pick up leading to the summer,” said Hernandez. “Many tourism, hospitality, and retail positions have been advertised. As we emerge from some of the stricter pandemic measure in Ontario, we are seeing a significant rise in openings in areas like day and overnight camps, garden centres, municipal parks, and recreation, as well as specifically in the restaurants and hospitality sectors. Based on what we are seeing in the labour market currently, there are more positions than students and graduates currently filling those roles.”

“Areas like Grand Bend, Algonquin, Tobermory, and the Bruce Peninsula tend to attract youth from across Ontario to seasonal positions...”

Likewise, Youth Opportunities Unlimited’s Employment team leader, Tyler Paget said that “job opportunities that we often see become available [during the summer] are things like summer camps, provided they are running. But other things like restaurants, hotels, and even some manufacturing jobs are often hiring for the summer.”

Paget also encouraged students to apply to non-profit organizations through a program called Canada Summer Jobs.

“Sometimes the nonprofits get overlooked, like us for example, we are often hiring through the Canada Summer Jobs program. So, there are a lot of opportunities, a lot of interviews that happen through that program, where folks can come and work with organizations like us, or others in the city doing all kinds of different things. Some of them are just assistant things like the things that we do, or it could be working in it or working in account, all types of different opportunities are available through that program,” he explained.

Working during your summer vacation doesn’t have to suck! Hernandez described various opportunities that may require travel and the experience of exploring a new city and even a new country. 

“Jobs are located all across the region, depending on the industry you are looking for,” said Paget. “Remote opportunities tend to increase in the summer as specific regions open themselves up for tourism in the nice weather. Areas like Grand Bend, Algonquin, Tobermory, and the Bruce Peninsula tend to attract youth from across Ontario to seasonal positions in tourism and hospitality. Many students and graduates also look for opportunities further abroad including nationally and internationally depending on their ability to relocate.”

When searching for employment opportunities, we tend to question our skills, age, citizenship status, and more. Organizations like Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) cater to multiple services, training, and events to individuals between the ages of 15 and 30, who are either current students, graduates, or simply unemployed. Y.O.U. also helps service international participants.

“We serve all individuals all year-round,” said Paget. “We even have a specific program from high school students called ‘Youth Job Connection.’ For international students, we will able to serve them with things like resume workshops, and helping them to prepare for jobs. But for the most part, our intensive employment programs with trainings and job developments are for individuals who are eligible to work in Ontario as either a citizen, permanent resident or with refugee status.”

Paget further explained the importance of connecting with career consultants at Y.O.U. to learn about the summer programs available within the job market.

Like Paget, Hernandez said, “students should always try to take advantage of any professional development that is offered and available to them.”