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Healthy food spots in downtown London

A photo of the Better Blend Smoothie Bar in the Covent Garden Market.
Image Credit: Zoë Alexandra King

When life starts to life, individuals tend to grab for the most convenient sources of food. This is especially applicable to college and university students who spend most of their time in lectures or studying. But creating a habit to actively choose healthy food will always increase your energy levels and nourish your body in ways that processed foods can’t. We encourage students to visit these five healthy food spots in downtown London to prioritize fresh, clean, and nourishing foods:

The Better Blend Smoothie Bar

Covent Garden Market

This smoothie bar is the perfect place to grab not only refreshing smoothies but also smoothie bowls. With a variety of toppings for smoothie bowls, and a list of both fruit and vegetable smoothies, they also offer avocado and nut butter toasts, frozen yogurt, chia pudding, and other plant-based options. As the warmth of the summer season approaches, a refreshing bowl or drink of fresh and nourishing fruits and vegetables would make the perfect pick-me-up.

The Salad Bowl

Covent Garden Market

This food spot is a blend of salads and ice-cream! One side of the restaurant is The Ice Cream Bowl, and the other side is The Salad Bowl. For a more filling and protein rich meal, this is a great spot to take away food or enjoy seating upstairs or downstairs of the market. The Salad Bowl offers the option to pick from 10 classic salads which are all available as a bowl, wrap, or focaccia sandwich, or you can create your own. The Salad Bowl uses flavourful ingredients inclusive of fresh avocado, feta, mushrooms, pickled beets, and more.

The Green Window

201 Queens Ave.

The Green Window offers a great selection of fresh ingredients that create memorable flavours in their salads and bowls. These are combined with enough nutrients to be a complete and filling meal. At The Green Window, you have the choice of five pre-built salads, six pre-built bowls, or the option to build your own. The bowls are especially mouth-watering with their creative and unique blends. Try some of their treats like the coconut cranberry bites.

Buzz Bagelz

160 Dundas St.

While Buzz Bagelz might not be the first thing that individuals think of when they hear “health spot,” the fresh ingredients here make it a surprisingly healthy option. Their Green Machine bagel with mashed avocado and hot honey is a delicious and nutritious breakfast option that absolutely can’t be missed. You can ask them to remove the honey for a fully vegan option as well. On top of this killer breakfast bagel, Buzz Bagelz also has a selection of smoothies on their menu that will leave you feeling refreshed and satiated.

Reset Social Café

503 Talbot St.

This popular downtown café is perfect for students due to its vibrant study atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to get work done while enjoying something healthy to eat or drink. It’s recommended to get there early to make sure you secure a space to sit as the tables and chairs fill quickly, especially on the weekend. One of the many great things about Reset is its menu, with a wide variety of coffees and smoothies. They also have a food selection, which includes all-day breakfast, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and more.

As a student, being aware of food spots that offer nutritious, filling meals is extremely important. Choosing to be intentional with what you put into your body should be on everyone’s list of priorities. If you live in downtown London or venture there regularly, these five locations have a variety of healthy food options that you can fuel your body with.