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Palasad Social Bowl is a music venue?!

A photo of a band playing on stage at Palasad Social Bowl.
Image Credit: Farrell Rafferty

Palasad Social Bowl, located at 777 Adelaide St. N., is well-known in London as a hotspot for food, bowling, and arcade games, the perfect place for hanging out with friends on a Friday night. What many newcomers to the city might not know is that the Social Bowl also hosts live music.

If you and your friends want to grab food and drinks while watching some great bands perform? Well, you’re in luck. On nights where bands play, part of the venue opens up to a stage. Marty Novak, Social Bowl manager, said the venue offers a wide variety of activities for guests to enjoy while rocking out.

“It adds a whole new outlet to what we do. We offer a lot of different kinds of entertainment regardless, so with live music it just elevates the whole experience which is fantastic,” Novak said.

Guests can check out the arcade which offers a wide variety of fun games. Here, they can earn tickets that they can then spend at the prize booth. If you and your company are more traditional, you can book out a bowling lane just for yourselves beside the stage.

“Everything’s fully open and fully functional, so it’s a very interactive vibe when you’re watching a cool show and then there are people bowling next door and cheering so it all kind of works together as a solid kind of entertainment experience,” Novak said. 

Palasad hosts performers locally from London and the surrounding area as well as artists from around the world. The sound of the artists spans across genres, from punk to indie and more.

“We do 100 per cent, all original bands that range from pop-punk, country to hip-hop,” Novak said. “There were two bands from Australia, one from Vienna, Austria…so we’re kind of an international stop.”

And it’s not just original bands who play Social Bowl. Cover bands and DJs have been known to offer performances with a nostalgic feel. During the holidays, Social Bowl also offers festive-themed music to help set the mood of the season.

“We do a bit of everything, like during the holiday season, I can’t do a hardcore punk show, where those people are celebrating Christmas parties. So usually I switch to cover bands or tribute bands so that everybody can enjoy,” Novak said.

Palasad Social Bowl is a perfect place for Fanshawe or Western students to go and spend time with friends while jamming out. It offers a great opportunity to support and discover new local talent whose music could become a part of your daily playlist.

“We’re a fully inclusive safe space, we have free parking, a full-service restaurant which most venues don’t, and on top of that, we have craft cocktails, local beer caps, and great food,” Novak said.

Starting in May, Social Bowl will be hosting over 51 bands to kick off their spring and summer seasons. Some of these bands include Make War and Boy Golden from the U.S., and later in August, they will be joining forces with the Forest City Music London Awards to host even more local artists.