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A guide to coffee in the Forest City

Coffee Culture Cafe and Eatery storefront
Image Credit: Hannah Theodore

Any coffee lover knows how hard it is to find the perfect brew that satisfies their taste buds. There are some pretty notable coffee places in London that have the right brew for just about anyone. Downtown London is the core for any coffee lover with a coffee shop on just about every corner.


1018 Dundas St. E.

For fans of espresso, 10Eighteen has some of the best. 10Eighteen is a small and quirky café with a focus on pour-over coffee, 10Eighteen is also the spot to buy local kombucha from famed local brewers, Booch.

“The Forest City has some of the most notable coffee shops that are all mostly located in downtown London.”

Black Walnut Bakery Café

724 Richmond St.

One of London’s most recommended coffee shops is Black Walnut Bakery Café. Black Walnut is located on Richmond Street, with another location in Wortley Village. The coffee there is very good, and it’s also roasted and ground on site. Overall, both locations are London staples, with tables outside for you to enjoy a nice sunny day with your friends.

Fire Roasted Coffee Co.

630 Dundas St.

If you are looking for more locally roasted coffee blends, Fire Roasted Coffee Co. is the place for you. With two locations both located in Old East London (one at Dundas and Adelaide and another at the Western Fair Grounds), Fire Roasted Coffee Co. is a company that is committed to high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced coffee. That means that they only sell coffee that has been sourced in a sustainable manner.

Plant Matter Kitchen

162 Wortley Rd.

Plant Matter Kitchen (PMK) is a popular spot that is completely vegan and sells vegan coffee. Located on Wortley Road, with a smaller café location on Richmond Street at Oxford Street East, the PMK family also focuses on ethically sourced coffee with options for everyone. Not only do they offer coffee, they also offer a full menu of vegan dishes to enjoy. The coffee served at all PMK locations is sourced from local roaster, Patrick’s Beans.

Commonwealth Coffee Co.

478 Richmond St.

One place that always crosses my mind whenever I take a stroll downtown is Commonwealth Coffee Co. Commonwealth Coffee Co. offers a variety of beverages from espressos to white chocolate mochas. Overall, it’s a cute café and great place for you to study with your friends or even just hangout for a bit.

Asmara Coffee

700 York St.

Asmara Coffee is one of the most highly reviewed on Google. Asmara tries to offer its patrons a unique coffee experience inspired by traditional roasting methods. They offer unique roasts and even sell some to take home. What makes Asmara even more unique is that they have a no-Wi-Fi policy in place, meaning they want the environment to be a place of true connection. That means it might not be the best place to study, but a great place to have conversations with friends.

Coffee Culture Café and Eatery

260 Dundas St.

When it comes to a great time and great coffee, Coffee Culture Café and Eatery is one of the most recommended student attractions in downtown London. Coffee Culture is a great place for studying while enjoying the perfect brew, offering freshly roasted coffee and a small eating menu.

Any coffee lover knows the struggle behind trying to find the perfect cup. There are many more coffee places around the city that have not been mentioned above but these are some of the most recommended when it comes to finding the right brew for you.

The Forest City has some of the most notable coffee shops that are all mostly located in downtown London. With a shop on every corner, you will surely find the right brew for you.