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An abridged art tour of London

Museum London exterior
Image Credit: Angela Mcinnes

London, Ontario has officially moved from a small to medium-sized city. To some readers that may not mean much, but for me it’s everything.

It means the world is opening up to London in a way I have not seen before. You can drive all over the city and see new housing developments, schools and office spaces being built.

Whether it’s figuring out how to house the influx of people migrating to London or keeping them entertained, more people in the city will always mean more creativity to me. And what better way to show that creativity than through art.

Although COVID-19 has abruptly changed how most of us interact, London continues to find ways to display the creative energy of the city.

Hopefully, this list can act as a beginner’s guide into the art world of London, Ontario.

The Aeolian

The transformative nature of art is not lost at The Aeolian Performing Arts Centre. With their core values steeped in diversity, social justice, transformation, heritage, and self-actualization, this is as much of a place to learn as it is to enjoy.

Music lovers alike will find something to appreciate at The Aeolian with their diversity in events; from R&B to Celtic music, there is something for everyone. 

With ties to the city as far as 135 years ago, their community outreach programs stand as a reminder that we can all do our part in bridging the gap in access to music for everyone.

From their 88 Keys to Inspiration program — donating pianos to kids that want to learn how to play — to Aeolian Talks — their own version of Ted Talk — there really is something to satisfy all types of your creative needs.

With the belief that “good art writing is the most meaningful way to support and amplify the incredible work of contemporary artists,” does a great job of centring the conversation on art. being an online only publication, you can enjoy the many works of local artists accompanied by thoughtful review in the comfort of your pajamas — something I know you probably are in while reading this.

This is a space to engage, understand and learn not only from the art itself, but the meaning derived from its reviewers.

With a featured artist of the month page, this is a great place to discover art outside of your immediate surroundings and share with a simple click.

Museum London

Museum London is a staple in the London community and a must-see on any city list.

It’s easy to get lost within the many different programs and exhibitions offered, but with an easy-to-use website even grandma can find some wholesome fun for everyone.

With programs geared towards kids, teens and adults, there is sure to be an art exhibit to satisfy all forms of creativity.

Typically there are tours one can take but due to COVID-19 they are currently suspended. This gives you a chance to explore more on your own and with the guided help of experienced staff, you are still in for a treat.

Bonus: TAP Centre for Creativity

The TAP Centre for Creativity supports emerging and developing visual and performing artists in London.

Looking for inspiration from local artists? Click on the “Virtual Activities” tab of their homepage to find art demos, virtual exhibitions and the LOMP performance-arts series.