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Red seats in an empty theatre.

Fall/winter highlights at The Grand Theatre

If you've passed by The Grand Theatre and made a note that you want to plan a visit, now is the perfect time!

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Photo of the interior of the Early Bird diner with memorabilia covered walls

Where and how to take the perfect Insta-worthy photo in London

Is it still trendy to take pictures of our fancy meals and post them? How about having personal accounts for our pets? Is using the filters Sierra or Mayfair still a thing?

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Illustration of a military tank and the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum

The six best museums in the Forest City

If you’re the kind of person who likes more educational and quiet attractions, London is home to some great museums and historic sites.

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Photo of a band playing music on stage

London is Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music

London, Ont. is officially Canada’s first United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) City of Music.

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Photo of musicians playing on a porch with children dancing in the yard

How an underground event became a city-funded celebration of music

Matt Knill, a former musician and music promoter in St. John’s, Newfoundland thought he was being quite the rebel when he began a series of outdoor porch concerts in his Woodfield neighbourhood in 2013.

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Illustration of an art gallery.

Forest City Gallery: Growing art in London

London is a great centre for the arts. Apart from the nationally famous art programs at Fanshawe College and Western University, London is also home to several galleries.

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Musicians playing live music on stage.

London’s most cherished live music venues, old and new

As we slowly emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, audiences and musicians alike are hungrier than ever for a return to live music.

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Illustration of a woman and a child baking cookies

Winter hobbies to take up right now

If you’re anything like me, you probably consider winter to be optimal hibernation time. We tend to burrow indoors this time of year, and due to COVID-19, we’re forced to seclude ourselves more than ever.

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Illustration of a woman reading a book by a window

Get lost in winter reading

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book under a warm blanket to avoid the cold winter.

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Museum London exterior

An abridged art tour of London

London, Ontario has officially moved from a small to medium-sized city. To some readers that may not mean much, but for me it?s everything.

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Man playing pool

Nightlife in London for those under 19

London’s nightlife extends beyond just the Richmond Row bar scene. There are plenty of alternatives for students not quite old enough to drink, or even those who are but simply want a change of pace.

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People performing a cultural dance on stage.

Festivals all summer long

Don’t miss out on some of the biggest festivals in London and surrounding area this summer

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Heroes store sign

Where to get comics and other geeky items

Comic Con comes around once a year to offer so many geeky items: posters, comics, figurines, games and other merchandise.

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Bookshelves full of books.

The ultimate bookworm bookstore guide

Would you rather be reading a book above anything else? Do you decline going out on weekends just to spend time with a special book?

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