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Student resources outside of your campus bubble

London Public Library entrance
Image Credit: Hannah Theodore

When it comes to resources for students, post-secondary institutions usually have plenty available. But what a lot of people do not realize is that there are a lot of great resources available throughout the community as well.

For first time post-secondary students, sometimes it is pretty nerve-wracking to be out on your own for the first time. Being in a new city can be tough! Luckily, there are multiple resources available in the City of London to meet all your needs.

“We are all humans that go through life experiences and sometimes just knowing that there are outside resources available can be helpful…”

Ontario Works is a program that can help provide financial assistance during a time of need, employment support, and health benefits. Finding a job can be tough, but Ontario Works offers a resume building workshop and can help you with support until you find a job. Seeking out services through Ontario Works could be an added resource to the career services already available to students on campus.

Being a student can be tough, but knowing there are many resources available can ease the transition from feeling nervous to feeling a little more at ease. Specifically, there are a lot of resources available for counselling.

Some counselling services here in London are Daya Counselling Centre, Well Path, Stress and Trauma Therapy, and Counselling Services London (various locations). Some of these services focus on trauma healing. Although most schools have counselling services available, some of these outside services have people who focus on certain aspects of counselling and have different approaches.

Additionally, there are 24-hour crisis lines available like the CMHA Middlesex-London Support Line (519-433-2023 or 1-866-933-2023). The CMHA Support Line provides confidential listening and support for people aged 16 and older at all hours of the day. The line offers emotional support and encouragement, grief support, community resources and transfers to crisis services if needed.

When it comes to outside resources available for students, not many people are aware of the resources available to them throughout the community. It is important to know that there are outside resources available whether it is for studying purposes or even just something as important as your mental health.

Being a student, it can be hard at times, but knowing there are multiple resources available throughout the community can make things a lot easier. We are all humans that go through life experiences and sometimes just knowing that there are outside resources available can be helpful as sometimes we are afraid to talk to those close to us.

When it comes to sexual health, for example, the Middlesex-London Health Unit is a great place for sexual health resources, with a free clinic that is open every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. This clinic offers free STI testing and treatment, free pregnancy testing, emergency contraception and even STI counselling. 

Outside of health related resources, London is also home to 16 public libraries. Although Western University and Fanshawe College have many libraries accessible to students, public libraries within the city make for a great place to study away from the hustle and bustle of campus, and you may even find some researching resources that aren’t available at your school library.

Knowing there are safe options in the community can help ease the nerves of feeling confined to your campus bubble. Access all that the city has to offer by exploring these resources.