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Your next fall outing: Wildflowers Taco Fest

Illustration of two smiling taco cartoon characters with flowers and celebration banners in the background
Image Credit: Sahar MahmoudiMotlagh

London’s Taco Fest is making an appearance in St. Thomas this September. Want the details? Well… Let’s taco ‘bout it!

The event is called Wildflowers Taco Fest and it’s taking place on Sept. 23 at Wildflowers Farm, located at 42338 Fruit Ridge Line, St. Thomas. From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Attendees can bask in the glory of flowers, visit the night market vendors, and eat some delicious tacos.

“All of our regular farm vendors that we have at our Friday night markets will be there,” said Jane Magri, one of the owners of Wildflowers Farm. “With Taco Fest, we’ve added another dozen vendors.”

Some of the typical vendors at Wildflowers’ night market include businesses selling fresh produce, meals, handmade reusable items, pottery, dog treats, and more.

“What we’ve experienced is people just really love being out in this free-spirited environment. Walking along the grass surrounded by wildflowers, free-range chickens, and just the whole concept of the bees, flowers, and live music through the air. It’s just a really lovely atmosphere in itself. And I think [visitors will] love Taco Fest because of the amazing food, but also the incredible experience through the environment through the different vendors.”

For Magri, this event is something she’s very excited about.

“I grew up in southern California. So tacos and Mexican cuisine were very prevalent in my upbringing, just because we were so close to Mexico. So it just feels great to bring all of that together and combine past and present.”

Although St. Thomas isn’t far from London, Magri said not many people who live in St. Thomas visit Taco Fest. So this was her way to bring such a fun event closer to those who want to participate. It will be the first Taco Fest for the Central Elgin area. The festival originated in London and has been happening annually since 2017.

“Tacos are my favourite dish,” said Pablo Tovar, founder of Taco Fest. “That’s the way I wanted to promote it, something I love. I want to educate people and promote Latino-American Mexican culture.”

Wildflowers Taco Fest will be a little bit smaller than the traditional London one. London’s Taco Fest typically has Lucha Libre wrestlers, mariachis, various types of margaritas, and of course, lots of tacos. But St. Thomas will only have tacos, margaritas, and mariachis. Taco Fest has also continued to team up with London Brewing Co. to bring an exclusive beer that will make an appearance in both London and St. Thomas.

“We love to support local vendors and it’s the purpose of making people happy for me as the organizer of events,” Tovar said. “Seeing people happy, having a drink, having conversations with your friends and eating tacos.”

Tovar said that at Taco Fest, they really push and value diversity and equality. Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy a taco or two and enjoy the atmosphere of Wildflowers Farm.