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east london

Artwork of the Western Fair District

Everything to do at the Western Fair District

The Western Fair District, located at 316 Rectory St. in London’s east end, is home to various fun activities throughout the year.

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Havaris Produce and other vendors inside Covent Garden Market.

A shopper’s dream: Retail hubs near you

Struggling to find a pair of camouflage trousers? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Together, we’ll explore the distinct regions in London, Ont. and everything they have to offer for all your shopping needs.

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Old East Village tile wall mural

The growing sector of East London

East London has had something of a bad reputation in the past. You?ve probably been told to not go to ?east of Adelaide? if you value your safety.

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Illustration of a woman opening a box

Secret gems of the Forest City

London may seem like any other small town, but it takes just one step inside the Forest City to realize how many secret gems are hidden behind the trees.

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