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Achiever, marketer, founder: Spotlight on Carlon Farina

Photo of Carlon Farina sitting at a desk
Image Credit: Courtesy of Carlon Farina

The city of London has its fair share of success stories and people of note. Everything from actors to athletes to scientists to musicians. One name that has been rapidly climbing the notable list of names in the city is Carlon Farina.

Farina is a graduate of Fanshawe College with a diploma in business marketing, an advanced diploma for business administration, as well as an honours bachelor of commerce in digital marketing.

It’s easy to see that marketing is Farina’s area of expertise and people have taken notice.

In 2022, Farina was named one of Business London’s Twenty in their Twenties for his work in the marketing sector and for the success of his company Locorum, which supports local businesses with a rewards-based hiring service.

“It’s nice, it’s motivating,” said Farina. “It always hits you in the heart and says that you’re doing the right things to keep going forward. It’s always a boost, but it’s never a distraction. The goal is the top and until we get there, everything else is just a thumbs-up in my books.”

Locorum was also recognized by London Inc. Magazine as one of the best places to work in 2022, adding to Farina’s list of accolades.

Attributing much to his entrepreneurial focus, Farina explained just how important the idea of salesmanship is as well as how it can fit into almost every career choice.

“For everyone, sales is just a good skill to have. Being able to read people and read body language, regardless of what industry you’re in. Whether you’re behind a computer all day or not, it’s a skillset you can use all your life.”

“In 2022, Farina was named one of Business London’s Twenty in their Twenties for his work in the marketing sector and for the success of his company Locorum...”

Farina has become an expert in marketing and, with his sights on the future, he understands the direction his industry is headed and at what pace.

“Marketing evolves so quickly, it’s not like being a dentist where teeth don’t change. This changes every six months.”

Farina added that with just how data-driven and analytical digital media has become, the current setup is just too expensive and lackluster to continue.

“We’re gonna move away from ‘Big Tech.’ There’s too much of a monopoly, there’s only two places to really advertise online: Google and Facebook. Which sucks because they have all the power and I think people are getting mad, businesses are getting fed up.”

According to Farina though, amongst the vision for his company and future-based mindset, his biggest goal is to simply be happy, finding ways to translate that into his work as well as his personal life.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m an all-around happy person. I like to laugh more than anything, so I’m always making jokes in my personal life. I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for.”

Farina added that being happy and satisfied with your work is one of the best ways to be successful.

“You can hear when someone is smiling on the phone, I know that sounds ridiculous, but you can hear it, so I have to be happy with my job. If I’m not happy it’ll translate to results and the person on the other side of the call will know it. I love my job, so it’s not difficult for me.”

Farina has become one of the prime examples of the direction that graduates in London, Ont. can go, as well as what can happen with the right mindset. Succeeding in both his work as well as his personal life, finding the right way to balance the two, all while still being in his 20s. He has become an incredible role model for post-secondary students and Londoners alike.