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Top 10 best dog-friendly trails and parks

Illustration of a person with their dog
Image Credit: Dylan Charette

Throughout the warmer months, many people like to get out with their dogs to get some exercise. It’s a fun activity that both dogs and humans enjoy. But with so many trails and parks in London, it can be hard to know which ones are dog-friendly and where you can go for a walk. Here are some of the best dog-friendly trails and parks in London (in no particular order).

Fanshawe Conservation Area — Tamarack Trail

Tamarack Trail at the Fanshawe Conservation Area is a great little jaunt to do with your pet. It is a 1.3km trail for hikers only (no bikes) and dogs are allowed if they are leashed and cleaned up after. The trail is marked out for easy following and goes through a wooded area. There is a parking fee for this area.

Meadowlily Trail

Meadowlily Trail surrounds the Pottersburg Off Leash Dog Park. This makes it the perfect spot to go for a walk with your dog and then take a trip to the dog park afterwards for a little extra exercise for your pup. While on the trail, owners are asked to keep all dogs on a leash with a maximum of six feet leeway.

“The Greenway Off Leash Park is a place your dog can roam with supervision and other dogs to play with.”

South Branch Park Hiking Trail

South Branch Park is a quiet, nature-filled trail that makes a great spot to take dogs. It has one main path, but for those with an adventurous side, there are other smaller paths to venture on.

Adelaide Hiking Trail

The Adelaide Hiking trail is very close by to the South Branch Park trail and offers a paved path to use. It also has smaller trails leading closer to the water, allowing a quieter area to take your best bud.

Springbank Park

Springbank Park is the largest in London, so of course it had to make this list. It is a 300 acre stretch along the Thames River, where Storybook Gardens sits. There are plenty of trails to hike, adding up to over 30km of potential paths. It is another very common place for Londoners to bring their dogs because of its size. Like other trails and parks in London, it is asked that you clean up after your dog and keep them on leash.

Now what about those who would rather go out on a leisurely walk that isn’t so secluded in nature? London has some options for those as well.

Gibbons Park

If you’re just looking for a leisurely stroll, Gibbons Park is the perfect place. It is a gorgeous park with plenty of trees, that runs alongside the Thames River. However, with water come ducks and geese. Be wary that these animals could be nearby if your dog is not a fan.

Victoria Park

Another option for a leisurely walk in the park is Victoria Park. Located right downtown, there are pathways spreading throughout the park, where dogs frequent with their owners. If your dog isn’t a fan of the nearby water and ducks, this could be an alternative.

Greenway Off Leash Park

Maybe you’re feeling a bit sluggish and don’t feel up to a walk, but your dog still needs to get out and burn some energy off. The Greenway Off Leash Park is a place your dog can roam with supervision and other dogs to play with. London has many off leash dog parks that your pet can go and make some new friends at.

Medway Valley Heritage Forest

This is another trail that runs along the water. This is a common place for people to bring their dogs for a run. It has both paved and natural trails, allowing you to choose the path that most suits you. This is a much-loved area that many enjoy for its beauty.

Weldon Park

Weldon Park is a popular dog spot because it has lots of greenery and grass, but it also has an area where dogs can be off leash. This is a great area if you want to bring the family too. There are various sports areas like baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and basketball courts. This park has something for everyone.

London has so many great areas you can take your dog so they can burn some energy off. There truly is something for everyone in the city, so everybody can find the place that best suits them and their pup!