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Helpful resources for finding a job

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I know that daunting feeling after reading several hiring applications and believing you’re unqualified. But struggles like lacking required certifications or having inadequate references shouldn’t keep you out of work.

We’re all in this together, and being employed is a wonderful opportunity, from having financial freedom to promotions to medical insurance and so much more.

Here is a quick guide to help you find employment right here in the Forest City!

“YOU offers employment services for youth including workshops, training programs, job searching, resume building, and employment programs…”

1. Resources

London presents a variety of employment centres that are largely government funded. These centres offer a substantial number of resources. Here is a list of a few of these career centres.

Leads Employment Services

Offers services for clients seeking assistance developing skills, accessing employment and post-employment support. These also include specialized services for individuals with employment-related barriers, including disabilities.

WIL Employment Connections

WIL offers employment counselling, career development programs, and educational upgrading tools, as well as special services particularly for immigrants and newcomers.

The Job Shoppe

Temporary and permanent work placements for specific industry sectors like administration, engineer, marketing, transportation etc.

Staffing services, recruitment of managers, supervisors, and professionally qualified individuals can all be found here.

Option Emploi — London

Option Emploi helps with the preparation of job search tools, assistance in developing a job search strategy, Canada-Ontario Job grants, and apprenticeships.

Community Employment Services — Fanshawe College

Through the college, you can access career workshops, training opportunities, as well as advice and referrals to other community services and support services. This makes a great option for students still in school full-time.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) 

A London staple, YOU offers employment services for youth including workshops, training programs, job searching, resume building, and employment programs across Middlesex County.


Access Immploy Job Match services to prepare for interviews, evaluate job offers, and learn about employers requesting your skills.

Nokee Kwe

Nokee Kwe is an Indigenous-led employment and education centre that serves everyone. Services include job search support, recruitment services, workshop sessions, job matching, and second career opportunities.

2. Applying in-person

Many businesses simply fail to publish available employment positions on their career web pages or store windows.

Keeping your resume on-hand and asking employers about any open work placements is extremely advantageous.

Often, employers may be seeking applicants later, which may be a week or two or sometimes years.

In essence, the benefits of applying in-person may allow you to be ahead of the hiring process. Also, you will be exposed to the various employees and managers of the company, while also observing the culture of the organization. Lastly, most employers appreciate the initiative of individuals applying in-person. Some great locations for applying in-person include retail stores in malls, grocery stores and restaurants.

3. Career fairs

Career fairs are meet and greet sessions that allow you the chance to speak directly with potential employers. These face-to-face interviews may allow you to be hired immediately. Use employment centres, search engines and local resource centres to locate some career fairs within the city. Have your resume, portfolio, and other essential documents on-hand. Both Western University and Fanshawe College host their own annual career fairs, so be sure to keep an eye on any future announcements.

4. Online services

Online career-based platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Job Bank, and Knighthunter are a few leading resources for job searchers and employers. Some of these career search engines also provide reviews for certain positions within a company at specific locations.

Nowadays, many businesses prefer online applications. Surfing the career page on a company’s website may require you to create an account and fill in a questionnaire. Online applications are time and cost efficient for employers. Be sure to review your responses, resume, and any other uploaded documents.

Remember, employment has a positive influence on the economic growth and development of the city. Resources and organizations heavily rely on local centers to help direct job seekers, who lack training and/or skills. These are just a few helpful sources, but through your own research you may discover other work positions which best suit you.