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Culinary bliss: Fine dining in the Forest City

Photo of a plated dish at Ivy Ristorante
Image Credit: Courtesy of Ivy Ristorante

If you enjoy spending your down time exploring restaurants and simply relishing in the ambience of an upscale environment with a delicious meal, this is the article for you. Whilst there are many more fine dining restaurants in London, these are six of my top choices that I recommend you check out.


208 Piccadilly St. Unit 1

Located steps away from the famous Richmond Row is Reverie, a tasting menu restaurant with an impressive wine list. Reverie has both indoor and outdoor patio seating. It is the perfect place downtown for a date night with its romantic ambience and setting. It’s also a great spot if you’re a wine lover and want to catch up with a friend. Whilst the food is 10/10, make sure to leave room for dessert! Reverie’s sister company is right beside it, Saisha’s Patisserie. There you are sure to find mouthwatering pastries that will end your night on an even higher note.


140 Ann St. Unit 108

ANNDining is another restaurant located within walking distance to Richmond Row. This restaurant is an absolute must-try if you are a fine dining lover. Personally, I made a reservation as soon as I saw their Instagram page!

The cocktail pictures online are extremely enticing and will make you dream of what each of them taste like. Not to mention the amazing menu presented with a large variety of options to choose from. With the most exquisite cocktails and their signature “ANNDishes” this is a restaurant that you need to visit during your time in London.

Ivy Ristorante

587 Oxford St. E.

Ivy Ristorante is another perfect spot for a date night with your significant other. With its candle lit lighting and sophisticated feel, this is definitely a restaurant for sharing a meal with a special someone. It also makes for the perfect location for a family meal, or even a friendly get-together for their Wednesday night live jazz music. What I loved about Ivy Ristorante was the lunch menu as well as their delicious cocktails.

“If you’re anything like me and an avid lover of Italian food, look no further! Abruzzi is exactly where you need to be.”

Sagi of Wortley

175 Wortley Rd.

Located in the lovely Wortley Village is a quaint Asian inspired restaurant with the most welcoming staff I have ever encountered. When I visited last summer, it was raining and I was unable to sit outside. Since then, I have taken a note to check the weather app before visiting! Whilst the indoor seating was still a good experience, sitting on the wooden picnic tables underneath strings of fairy lights makes for the perfect summer setting. I still rave about the pork gyoza that I ordered and the Blueberry Gin Lavender Rose Sour.

Wolfe Pack Company Bar

145 Wortley Rd.

Another restaurant located in Wortley Village is Wolfe Pack Company Bar. Worth all of the rave and hype around it! They’re known for their happy hour and oyster specials from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The first time I visited was also the first time I tried oysters and they have set the bar very high. The gunpowder oyster was absolutely scrumptious and has my mouth watering just thinking about it! Whilst Wolfe Pack is a definite must if you are an oyster lover, there are also lots of other options on the menu to choose from. 


119 King St.

Located in the heart of downtown and footsteps away from the well-known Covent Garden Market, Abruzzi is a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine. If you’re anything like me and an avid lover of Italian food, look no further! Abruzzi is exactly where you need to be. The antipasto board was marvelous and the unforgettable pan roasted branzino will forever be on my mind. 

If you have been to these restaurants before, I’m sure this article will encourage you to visit once again. I can say that writing this article certainly made me want to revisit and has reminded me to appreciate these spots whilst I am still in London.