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An illustration of two different outfits that can be worn on the job.

Dressing for the job you want in school

When entering the workplace or even while in school, how you dress can drastically impact your potential success and how you're viewed, sometimes having immediate impacts.

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3D letters spelling out brand. There are also illustrations of pencils, a ladder, a laptop and a graph.

How to brand yourself professionally

It is important for students to brand themselves in a professional manner if they wish to lead a successful career path post-graduation.

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An illustration of backpacks with Linkedin branding on them.

Make your LinkedIn stand out for back to school

I still remember the exact moment that I realized having a LinkedIn account was worth the time and commitment.

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Photo of a student on break at a cafe, doing her homework

The balancing act of managing both school and a job

No one can ever say the perfect way to balance studies and work, but it’s something most students need to figure out.

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Artwork of various market items, including food, crystals and a t-shirt.

How to become a market vendor: A step-by-step guide

Markets allow small businesses to have a temporary physical storefront alongside other small business owners. So what is the process?

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Photo of a person on a laptop in the Student Centre

The benefits of a co-op placement

A co-op is the perfect to gain experience and make connection.

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Photo of a person signing a document

Finding the perfect internship

Our tips for finding the perfect internship, using advice from Fanshawe's very own career workshops.

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