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An illustration of a variety of Fall beverages.

Fall drinks that aren't a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Try any one of these seasonal beverages this fall and winter, and enjoy the flavours of the season without breaking the bank.

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Illustration of a person holding bubble tea

Ranking London’s bubble tea spots

Bubble tea, or boba, is an iconic Taiwanese drink featuring tapioca pearls and tea. There are countless spots to grab this delicious drink throughout the city, but we’ve narrowed the very best and even pinpointed the best drinks to try.

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Illustration of hands holding glasses of beer and clinking glasses.

Good for what ales you: Exploring local breweries

Many cities or towns have their own breweries and can be a popular spot for both locals and tourists to visit. So what does London Tourism suggest?

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Photo of students eating and drinking at The Out Back Shack.

Fanshawe vs. Western: On-campus eateries

Although Fanshawe and Western share no historic rivalry, students at both institutions have some strong feelings about where they’re getting their next meal. So, we’re exploring what’s available for students in terms of quality in order to find out which institution has better on-campus eateries.

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Illustration of two people having a picnic under a tree.

Building the perfect picnic with food from local London restaurants

With limitless activities and scenic areas to explore, it only feels right to make a perfect picnic kit for a perfect day out in the beautiful Forest City of London.

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