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Red seats in an empty theatre.

Fall/winter highlights at The Grand Theatre

If you've passed by The Grand Theatre and made a note that you want to plan a visit, now is the perfect time!

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Photo of someone using a laptop. On the screen is the cover of the Fall 2023 issue of Navigator.

The best part-time jobs for students

A job that offers flexibility around your busy school schedule during the semester is the ideal thing to keep in mind and luckily, there are several to choose from.

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An illustration of people at a festival. Some are carrying fall related foods, such as a pumpkin, pie and apples.

Experience the harvest season at the Fall Food Fest

The Fall Food Fest is a celebration honouring the richness of seasonal food and grains in a family friendly environment.

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An illustration of two different outfits that can be worn on the job.

Dressing for the job you want in school

When entering the workplace or even while in school, how you dress can drastically impact your potential success and how you’re viewed, sometimes having immediate impacts.

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An illustration of backpacks with Linkedin branding on them.

Make your LinkedIn stand out for back to school

I still remember the exact moment that I realized having a LinkedIn account was worth the time and commitment.

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Someone holding a grocery bill, using a phone, in front of produce.

Navigating your grocery budget: A student's guide to smart shopping

With careful planning and strategic shopping, you can ensure that your money stretches further while enjoying nutritious meals.

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An illustration of a variety of Fall beverages.

Fall drinks that aren't a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Try any one of these seasonal beverages this fall and winter, and enjoy the flavours of the season without breaking the bank.

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Two feet on a scale. On the ground is a Booster Juice cup.

Let’s lose the “Freshman 15” once and for all

The “Freshman 15” is a well-known tale of woe referring to the extra weight young adults supposedly pile on during their freshman year at college or university.

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Illustration of the silhouette of a person holding a needle.

Why you should always get your flu shot

One crucial step towards maintaining a healthy community is getting vaccinated against the flu.

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An illustration of Fall related items, such as leafs and fishing.

Here’s how to explore London during the fall

As the leaves change colour and pumpkins get ready to be picked, London, Ont., offers various fun and wholesome activities throughout the season.

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Someone using a laptop which has the word Scholarship displayed on it. The person is holding a piece of paper with formulas on it.

Why you should always apply for scholarships and bursaries

“[Scholarships and bursaries] allow for students to find a way to get support through paying for their education without walking away from school with a truckload of debt.”

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3D letters spelling out brand. There are also illustrations of pencils, a ladder, a laptop and a graph.

How to brand yourself professionally

It is important for students to brand themselves in a professional manner if they wish to lead a successful career path post-graduation.

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A black and white illustration of a ghostly looking individual.

A haunted tour of London and area

The London-Middlesex region is rich with history. From the invention of insulin to the Western Fair, London's history is definitely worth exploring. But this area is also known for its ghost stories and spooky tales.

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Oranges, wood, trees and coffee beans.

The smell of the season: Our favourite fall and winter scents

Every season comes with familiar scents, from the smell of blooming flowers in spring to the fragrance of freshly mown grass in the summer. But what do fall and winter smell like?

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An illustration of a group of people gathered around a dinner table. The table has a turkey on it. The word Friendsgiving is displayed.

Multicultural dishes to impress at your next Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when families get together for a large feast and share all the things they're thankful for. But not everyone is able to travel home to spend this holiday with family. That's where Friendsgiving comes in.

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A red balloon, a Chucky doll, an old tube TV with hands pressed against a window showing and an illustration of a stack of VHS tapes with a pumpkin on top with the number thirty-one carved into it.

31 days of scares: Your Halloween horror movie checklist

The year's scariest holiday is quickly approaching with jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and costumes to enter everyone's minds. One part of the Halloween season that shouldn't ever be ignored is horror movies.

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A bike being ridden through the snow.

Snowscape cycling: Tips for riding your bike through the colder months

Cycling in the winter either sounds like the best idea ever or something you would only think about if you experienced some sort of psychotic break.

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An illustration of three styles of sweaters.

How to style your sweaters for sweater weather

When we look at significant pieces of clothing that we might use on a day to day basis, we might think of socks or underwear. Here in Canada though, sweaters could definitely fall into this category as well.

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