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A photo of the Better Blend Smoothie Bar in the Covent Garden Market.

Healthy food spots in downtown London

Fuel your mind and body with these local, healthy favourites.

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A photo of pints of beer with the London Brewing Co-op logo.

London Brewing Co-operative has the brews to get you in that summer mood

Explore the wide array of craft brews available at this London hot spot.

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A stock image of plant life growing on an apartment balcony.

Grow your own dinner: Apartment-friendly gardening tips

Tips and tricks for planting your own vegetables at home.

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Artwork of someone holding a large mug with the words, too much coffee? written on it.

The secret to cutting back on caffeine

Our tips for cutting back on caffeine without going “cold turkey.”

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A photo of a band playing on stage at Palasad Social Bowl.

Palasad Social Bowl is a music venue?!

Social Bowl: Where fun and games meets live music.

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A photo of Michelle Shipley and Kelly Peckham.

Broad Films looks to turn London into a filmmaking haven

Find out more about London’s developing film sector.

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A photo of students and staff at Village Creative in Innovation Village at Fanshawe.

Fanshawe students empower Village Creative

This student-led marketing agency is helping entrepreneurs meet their goals.

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A photo of a woman doing exercises inside an apartment.

Dorm-friendly low-impact exercises

Workout in your apartment without disrupting your neighbours.

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Artwork of paramedics working over a patient in the back of an ambulance.

Paramedics and mental health: A closer look

Learn how paramedics deal with the emotion of this high-intensity job.

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A stock image of a young person at a computer set-up wearing a gaming headset.

Using Twitch as a side hustle as a student

Streaming is a fun and exciting way to make a little cash on the side.

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A stock image of someone peddling a bicycle.

Stay active in the city this summer

The City of London is home to a wide range of athletic facilities.

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A photo of a drag performer on stage.

London drag scene hits its stride

Drag is an artform, and it’s found a home in the Forest City.

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A stock image of a woman meditating while wearing headphones.

Sleep, anxiety, and meditation: The best mobile mental health apps

Breaking down the pros and cons of the most popular meditation apps so you don’t have to.

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A photo of the Famous Burger from Odd Burger.

Odd Burger is now at Western. Will Fanshawe be next?

Vegan food is finding its way on to post-secondary campuses.

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Digital artwork of the exterior of Hyland Cinema, with movies like Godzilla and E.T. displayed on the marquee.

The Hyland Cinema: London’s nostalgic taste of retro film

Cinephiles thrive at this local hidden treasure.

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An exterior photo of Lazeez restaurant.

How to save money while still making the most of the season

Having fun in the sun doesn’t have to come at a high price.

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An exterior photo of Budweiser Gardens.

Budweiser Gardens’ big summer shows

Find out the biggest artists stopping by London’s premier venue this summer.

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Artwork of a woman dressed in eclectic clothing.

London’s thrift store scene is thriving

Discover all that London’s growing thrift scene has to offer.

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A photo of a plate of food from Yaya's Kitchen in London, Ontario.

Three amazing Black-owned restaurants that should be on your must-try list

Our guide to delicious eats with a cultural twist.

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